MOBILE MARKET, in partnership with local food service providers like you, are capturing surplus food to provide countless additional meals to those in need.  In addition to helping the hungry in our community, we will show you how your business can gain by giving back.

Through MOBILE MARKET’s services and reporting your company can gain:

  • Financial Benefits:
    • Claim enhanced tax benefits up to twice the base cost of charitable contributions
    • Reduce inventory and dumping costs
  • Environmental Benefits:
    • Through reduced waste going to landfills along with associated expense reduction
  • Corporate Culture Enhancement:
    • Staff will be proud of the positive contribution to their community and take pride in their company
  • Brand Enhancement:
    • Show the public that your company is socially conscious and committed to your community.
    • Your efforts will be bolstered by our own marketing efforts.

Contact us today to see how giving gives back!

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