The seedling of MOBILE MARKET was planted 15 years ago while working my first job at a fast food establishment.  Day after day I saw pounds of otherwise good food be thrown into the trash because we couldn’t sell it.  My adolescent brain knew that there was something amiss, but did not yet have the tools to make the change that needed to happen.

Fast-forward 15 years and not much has changed.  After working for years in both the for and non-profit worlds, I have seen thousands of dollars of perfectly usable product sit on shelves or be sold for less than cost because it wouldn’t sell. I have seen pans and pans of wholesome food be thrown out at the end of day or end up in the trash after business events.

In this time, I have also seen homelessness and hunger.  I am learning about the staggering statistics on food insecurity in my own community and I am getting to know the individuals that work day-in and day-out to feed families battling hunger.  I am meeting business owners who are passionate about their trade and want to use it to make a positive impact in their community. Most excitingly, we are all working together to feed the hungry.

We have found that companies can work synergistically with non-profits to benefit our community. Specifically, we can work to alleviate food insecurity by altering the way we do business.

At MOBILE MARKET, we are building an incredible partner network that is strengthening our communities from within. Our work is helping businesses run more efficiently, with less waste.  We are providing wholesome food to non-profits, allowing them to focus on their missions.  We are doing well by doing good and we are inviting you to join us.


Colin Gibbs