Congratulations to Baltimore! For the first time since the inception of the National School Lunch Program, all students in Baltimore – regardless of income level – will be provided free school meals.  In the spirit of Baltimore, MOBILE MARKET is offering a free assessment and a free week trial for all restaurants and grocers.
“We know that nutritious, balanced meals ha(ve) a direct correlation to positive outcomes for our students,” said Del. Keith Haynes, chief sponsor of the legislation.
“And we know not everyone has access to that.”
It is exciting to see Baltimore tackling this disparity among our nations youth, as 1 in 5 children faces hunger in the US today. Yes, in your home town public schools are the main source of, not only breakfast and lunch, but DAILY MEALS for these children!
“We have some students who, if they don’t get it at school, they don’t get it at all,” Haynes added.
Now that the school year is coming to a close, many children must now find their meals elsewhere.  This shift puts tremendous stress on non-profits feeding the hungry in our communities.  Donating is synonymous with the Holiday Season, but summer is when our community partners need help the most.
It is somewhat serendipitous that I came across this article. (Thanks Joe.)  This week the MOBILE MARKET Team sat down with The Boys and Girls Club to assess their needs and see how we can help.  The numbers are much larger than anticipated. Combined, they feed nearly 1,200 children per day and currently serve free dinners 5 nights a week at their two west-side locations.
Hunger is not easily seen in our community.  It is often hidden by shame, social stigma and socio-economic stratification.  The good news is that businesses can make the largest immediate impact on hunger without impacting their budgets. MOBILE MARKET restaurant and grocer partners provide aid by redirecting excess food to those that need it the most.
In an effort to kick-start donations to meet the growing summer demand, MOBILE MARKET is offering a free assessment and a free week trial for all restaurants and grocers.  Join our team. Donate your excess food. We will help you recoup losses up to 10 % of your annual revenue. That’s nearly 1 MONTH’S INCOME!

Click here or call us today to recoup 1 week’s worth of losses by feeding our community’s kids.
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